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danza enstatica

Dance and music originally were a SACRE matter only. Over the centuries this quality was increasingly lost in favour of a spectacular quantification, enriching itself with external technological contributions.
As for dance and music, this phenomenon of exteriorization also occurred for gymnastic and sport, initially a sacred activity (think of the Greeks), it changed into a factor about hygiene and supporters.
Humanity has got a spectacular dimension but has lost the spiritual dimension and the actual understanding of a value and of a powerful mean of reintegration

Franca Sacchi tries to restore the original sacrality of making art through her ENSTATICA@ DANCE and her ENSTATIC SINGING.
In the “Enstatica” art by Franca Sacchi we do not find either stardom, creativism or levelling. It is a question of becoming aware of the personalistic situation, since this allows, in proportional accuracy, to become aware of the supra-personal situation.

The training is carried out in the classic way both in dance and singing. Afterwards, thanks to the improvisation, it comes the development of the creativity and the undertaking of the spiritual path.
In fact, it is not a question of adhering to something already set (learning a choreography... a song..) but TO REALLY COINCIDE WITH THE SELF (God? The Absolute? The cosmic Energy? One’s self? ...)

The word “enstatic” was coined by Mircea Eliade to show a way, a trip inside one’s self, which is referred to all the interiorizing and restoring spiritual disciplines (not to be confused with the “religious” ones). The term "ecstatic" could not fit, because, from the Latin "ex stasis", it means "to stay out of oneself".

ENSTATIC SINGING individual lessons on appointment.

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