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Franca Sacchi

Franca Sacchi

Franca Sacchi (Svāmī Oṃ-mūrti Sarasvatī) have been teaching  yoga since 1968.

She improved her knowledge in Europe and in India, and developed a brilliant synthesis respecting the most authentic Indian tradition and the needs of the modern man.
Her rigorous, refined teaching, inspired by the love for beauty, is structured in normal courses, advanced workshops in Italy and itinerant workshops all over the world.
A follower of the great tantric tradition, in her courses the attention is widely given both to the desire for physical activity and to the desire for spirituality.

She was called by the Italian Yoga Federation to create and direct the first school for the training of Yoga teachers in Milan (1978-80).
She is honorary lifetime member of the Yoga World Council with headquarter in New Dehli), honorary President of the International Yoga Federation, of the European Yoga Federation and of the European Yoga Association, she is a Yoga Grand Master (an international title meaning the capability to train Yoga Teachers).

She also is highly active in the artistic field (music, dance, painting) and the founder of the Company Alta Pratica Arte (1978) with whom she performs concerts and dance shows.

She published many books and records.



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