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yoga teoria e pratica

YOGA teoria e pratica

Here is the new Yoga Book by Franca Sacchi. "YOGA teoria e pratica" publisher Demetra 2019.
A complete Yoga course by a world famous Master; a path of knowledge that starts from our body, with fundamental notions on anatomy and the circulation of energy, and arrives to give precise indication on purification and preparation techniques.
In the middle of the book there are the main Yoga postures, illustrated with their variants and accompanied by images that show them step by step, with accurate indications to understand those most suitable for us and their beneficial effects.
The most advanced practices of concentration and meditation, exposed with clarity and effectiveness, complete the volume and make it a perfect tool both for those who want to approach Yoga and for those who have been practicing it for some time.

  • Yoga: history and legend
  • The Sāṃkhya philosophy
  • Elements of physical anatomy
  • Subtle anatomy or of the circulation of energy
  • Yoga and its tools
  • Haṭha (purification techniques)
  • Preparation of mind and body
  • Simple Kriyā and complex Kriyā
  • General warm-up sequences
  • Asana: the most important postures
  • Complex sequences
  • Relaxation
  • Bandha e Mudrā
  • Prāṇāyāma
  • Concentration (dhāranā)
  • Meditation (dhyāna)